Rewired Home Now Has Issues with Jenn Air Stove

Myra, from Delray Beach, Florida asks:
A few months ago our 5 yr old electric flat glass top Jenn Air stovetop popped & sparked thru the space around one of the knobs. After it blew, the stovetop stopped working so I turned off the breaker in the fuse box and discovered that several ceiling fans, lights in other rooms in throughout house stopped working as well. We have also noticed on occasion that the fans and lights will just turn on for no reason for various amounts of time as we have left switches on. The house was rewired after it was destroyed by a hurricane 5 years ago. We didn't get much from our insurance company and had to use electricians that were not really great. We have no money right now.
First, is there a fire hazard?
Second, could it just be a fuse issue and should we try changing them? Please advise.
Thank you!
What I would strongly suggest is that you have a qualified licensed electrician perform a series of inspections and tests on the electrical system of the home. What you are experiencing is not normal. It may be that there is another electrical panel which would explain why multiple devices are off when you turned off the circuit breaker. There is a good possibility that a voltage feedback is occurring due to a intermittent or lost connection with a 240 volt circuit which could be verified and repaired by the electrician.

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