How to Wire GFCI Receptacles

Greg, from Jersey City, New Jersey asks:
Could you help me to find diagrams for wiring a GFCI receptacle outlet from a switch?
I have 4"x4" electrical box mounted on a wall in a basement with 3 wires inside the box (black, white, ground) coming from a main electrical panel.
Could you help me with diagrams:
1. Diagram: Both sockets of GFCI receptacle are "hot" and powered from a single switch;
2. One of the socket of GFCI receptacle is "hot" all of the time, and the other one powered from a switch.
Thank you in advance,

Here on the website there are wiring diagrams showing how to wire several switch applications which may be adapted for wiring GFCI receptacles as well, along with the wiring diagrams that show how to wire GFCI receptacles.
Simply use the search bar and you will get a full listing of wiring diagrams for switches and GFCI receptacles.
Take your pick and enjoy!

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