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  • Before You Buy a Generator You Should Read This

    • How to Choose the Right Generator for Your Home: Home Generators and the Total Connected Electric Load.

  • Altering Generator Transfer Switch Connections

    • The Importance of Properly Sizing a Generator and Transfer Switch: The amperage size of the plug has internal protection in place and changing sizes of any of these parts would greatly affect the integrity of the circuit design and could cause some potential damage.

  • Wiring Generator Transfer Switch Applications

    • Planning the Electrical Wiring for a Generator Transfer Switch

  • Generator ATS Provides Power During Partial Power Loss

    • How a Generator Automatic Transfer Switch Works and is a Very Important Part of the Home Generator System

  • Generators and Power Quality

    • How to Select the Right Generator for Your Home Electrical Requirements

  • Sizing a Home Generator Transfer Switch

    • can I use only 1 large breaker in the transfer switch to supply the power to my main box or do I have to have multi-breaker in the transfer switch….

  • Electrical Question from Guy about Generator Connections

    • NEVER connect a generator in such a way as to back-feed your electrical system! This is extremely dangerous not only to your home but also the electrical utility crews who may be working on downed electrical wires.

  • How to Install and Wire a Home Generator

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