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  • Tripped Circuit Breaker and Lost Power to Outlets

    • How can I find out what caused my outlets to loose power? How to Repair Abnormal or Lost Power at Electrical Plugs and Outlets, Home Electrical Testers and Electrical Voltage Readings, Plug-In Diagnostic Electrical Circuit Testers.

  • Living Room Ceiling Light Not Working

    • My living room pendant ceiling light isn’t working: How to use a voltage tester to check a light switch.

  • How To Solve Ceiling Fan Wiring Problems

    • How Can I Fix a Problem with my Ceiling Fan and Switch? How to Identify Ceiling Fan and Light Switch Wiring Problems, Troubleshoot and Repair Ceiling Fan and Switch Wiring.

  • Ryan asks Why did the Light in my Ceiling Fan Quit Working

    • Troubleshooting a Ceiling Fan Light and Wall Switch Problem: The light and fan are turned on and off from switches on the wall.

  • Basic Ceiling Fan Remote Control Problems

    • How should I troubleshoot a problem with a ceiling fan remote control? The Most Common Causes of Ceiling Fan Remote Control Problems.

  • Installing a Window Air Conditioner Circuit

    • Why is our Air Conditioner Circuit Not Working? Installing and Testing Air Conditioner Circuit Electric Wiring.

  • Air Conditioner and Tripping Circuit

    • My Air Conditioner trips the circuit breaker, does the breaker need to be replaced? Troubleshooting an Air Conditioner Problem.

  • Dedicated Circuit for Bathroom Outlets

    • Can the Bathroom GFCI Circuit be Used for Other Electric Outlets? Bathroom GFCI Outlets on a Dedicated Circuit.

  • How To Extract A Broken Light Bulb From A Socket

    • How to Fix a Broken Light Bulb Problem: When replacing a light bulb it was twisting in the light socket then when I turned the light back on the bulb popped and flashed then the power went out.

  • How To Add A Ceiling Fan With Existing Light Fixtures

    • Installing a Ceiling Fan with Existing Light Fixtures: I want the fan to work just by a pull-chain but continue to have the switch operate the remaining can lights, how can I wire this?

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