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  • How To Wire a Thermostat

    • I am wiring a thermostat, How do I know which wires to connect to the terminals? Typical Thermostat Wiring for HVAC Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Wiring 3 Way Switches and Dimmer Switches

    • How are 3-way switches wired? The Key to Wiring 3 Way Switch and 3 Way Dimmer Switch Wiring, Wiring Configurations for 3 way Switch Wiring.

  • Why Circuit Breakers Trip Off and What To Do Next

    • Why Causes a Circuit Breaker to Trip Off? The Most Common Problems that Cause a Tripping Circuit Breaker.

  • Wiring Switches for a Bathroom Fan Unit

    • How are Switches wired for a Bathroom Light and New Exhaust Fan Unit? Wiring Switches for a Bathroom Light and Exhaust Fan Unit, Wiring Two Devices from Separate Circuits on One Switch.

  • How to Plan for a Sub Panel

    • Can I branch out to another small panel board from the main panel board to separate some appliance circuits? Planning for an Electric Sub Panel.

  • How to Correct 3-Way Switch Wiring

    • How are lights wired for three way switches? Wire Configuration for 3-Way Switches.

  • Add a GFCI Outlet Circuit to a Bathroom

    • Jon in New Jersey asks: How should a GFCI Outlet circuit be installed for an existing bathroom?

  • How to Repair a Light Circuit

    • Why are my lights not working? When I was replacing a light fixture two wires touched and all three lights stopped working. How to Repair a Light Circuit.

  • Air Conditioner and Tripping Circuit

    • My Air Conditioner trips the circuit breaker,does the breaker need to be replaced? Troubleshooting a 20 Amp 220Volt Air Conditioner Problem.

  • Circuit Breaker for a Kitchen Cook Top

    • How do I connect the wiring for a cook top stove? Wiring a New Cook Top to Replace the Old Cook Top.

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