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  • Timer Control for Outdoor Christmas Lights

    • How to Put Outdoor Christmas Lights on a Timer Switch: A GFCI device can protect a two wire strand of Christmas lights, so lets review how a GFCI device works while protecting outdoor Christmas lights and Holiday Display.

  • Causes of Lost Power to Outlets

    • Troubleshooting the Problem of Lost Power to Outlets: How to Locate and Repair Lost Power to Electric Outlets.

  • How To Make an Underground Cable Splice

    • I hit an un-located 2″ conduit with a trencher, breaking the conduit and pulled about 40′ of 3/0 THHW coated neutral wire out of the conduit…

  • Air Conditioner Size and Room Electrical Circuit

    • The NEC states that the total rating of a plug-connected room air conditioner, where lighting units or other appliances are also supplied, shall not exceed…

  • Illegal Wiring for a Bathroom Light Fixture?

    • How to Install Bathroom Electrical Wiring: Electrical wring needs to be protected, enclosed or installed using approved electrical wiring methods.

  • Electrical Conduit Types for Underground Projects

    • What type of electrical conduit should I use for outdoor and underground wiring? Types of Conduits for Underground Electrical Wiring.

  • Cable Strapping and Wiring Methods

    • How to Strap Electrical Wire and Cable: As the cable passes through holes in the framing it does not need to be supported, only as the cable runs parallel with the framing will the strapping be required.

  • Mary asks How Should I Upgrade My Electrical Wiring

    • I have an old home and I need to upgrade the electrical wiring and replace the fuses with circuit breakers: How to Upgrading Old Electrical Wiring and Fuses.

  • Electrical Question from Bruce about Installing a Wall Oven

    • I am installing a new wall oven with 4-wire cord that I will connect to the house 4-wire cord. Identifying the Wires for a 4-Wire Wall Oven.

  • Cord and Plug Safety for Electric Kilns

    • How to Replace an Electric Kiln Cord: We replaced the 2-prong twisted cloth cord on our old kiln with a new 3-prong plug and 20amp rubber electric cord, but we were told later that we should have used a twisted 20amp cloth cord.

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